I have some exciting news today! We’re reviving the reader’s House Crush column. I absolutely loved seeing all your houses, and getting to showcase the coolest on the blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did – I assume so because they were pretty much always the most viewed posts on the blog. But I must admit I know it was a bit confusing getting the photos to me, because we were gathering them up from Pinterest, insta, facebook, twitter and emails even. This made it harder for you to send me your pics and harder for us to find them! So now we’re packaging everything up and giving them all a new home at{mine}.

at{mine} is a fab new social site – basically like Pinterest meets instagram exclusively for interiors nerds. It might be a newbie on the social scene but anyone who’s anyone is on at{mine}, everyone from stylish home decorators and etsy artists to the big stores like Liberty’s. All the photos are curated by the at{mine} team, so every picture on the site is fab, there’s no dross like you sometimes find on Pinterest (I love Pinterest, but it’s true!). It’s also really easy to explore the site by room, or by shop, such as yours truly. You can lose hours and hours looking at the gorgeous room inspiration, or at least I certainly have anyway.

at mine

If you check out my profile I’ve shared photos of my pad, but at{mine} also has a great “At Friend’s and Family” feature where you can share other homes too. So I’ve got photos of Gem’s pad to show you all, and I’m thinking we might have sneak peeks into the homes and lives of my bud’s and the rest of the AA team too. But most importantly of course I want to be able to see your place!

So from now on if you’d like your home featured on the blog, at{mine} is the place to be:

  1. Create your own account at atmine.com
  2. Follow my profile
  3. Upload photos of your super cool pad (I can say that confidently because I know I have the most stylish blog readers on the planet)
  4. Include #AAHouseCrush in the comment to your picture – that way they’ll pop up in my feed and I’ll be able to find them all
  5. Optional: oh and if you have anything AA in your photo, then you can tag it with Abigail Ahern in the keywords

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 14.20.23

That’s it! Simple as that. Hope to see you at{mine} soon. We’ll be running regular contests too, so if you’ve embraced the dark side or you’ve got the coolest kitchen or a new DIY project you want to share, get posting! How about starting with showing off the results of your weekly revamp?