I tend to not follow any specific rules when it comes to designing, it is after all a creative process and rules tend to restrict so for me its a lot more about following my intuition.

Having said that there are some guidelines that I follow because I know they will pretty much get me a fabulous result. Over the years I’ve built up a list of what works and what doesn’t a foundation if you will so I thought I would share some of them.

When deciding on a paint colour do not decide based on that tiny swatch you see in paint stores. Go test a large wall, a really large wall. You’ll make fewer mistakes that way and if it doesn’t work out you can repaint within the hour!

Resist themes, any kind of themes although I have to say beach-y themes for me are the worst. Blue and white nautical palette, shells, sail boats anyone?  Yuk! Themed rooms lack individuality. That is not to say you cannot be influenced by your surroundings but do it in a more intelligent way with  less obvious clichés you will create a far more tantalising space!

Focal points. I say this a lot (apologises) but you need three not one. One anchor and your eye goes straight there, three anchors and your eye will dart around the room. More then three then I hate to say you’ve probably created chaos. All rooms need pieces that take the leading role as well as the supporting role – like in films – not everyone can be the star, and yet the stars can’t be the stars without backup!

Play around with scale, if everything is the same scale – super boring, if you mix it up you’ll have on your hands  rooms that look and feel magical. When it comes to oversizing again you don’t want to overdo it otherwise your space  will feel a little bonkers.

Add charisma. You do this by adding something a little unexpected or super cool. A row of cool shelves like the image below maybe. Or a cool paint colour, or  chair or ottoman upholstered in a fab fabric, or a fabulous piece of art. Something that takes your breath away.


Be a bit haphazard. By this I mean mess things up a bit, ditch symmetry, ditch the matchy look and go for arrangements that feel more relaxed. Do that and you’ll space will immediately feel more comfortable  and cool!

Last piece of advice follow your gut, not your head. Don’t be that practical (practical equals boring just as I was saying in yesterdays post). Don’t think I might move in 2 years so I better not paint. I would paint even if I were moving in 3 months (but I’m a little crazy). Don’t think well that’s all very well but  I’ve got children so I can’t do this or do that. My sisters and I got brought up in a house full of things, lovely things, but full to the brim.  Live for now, nobody knows what  tomorrow brings, so don’t hold off, put on the back burner and procrastinate – make it fabulous for now. At least that is my way of thinking!