I am obsessed with mirrors; they are one of the easiest decorating tools out there. No matter where you place them, mirrors make spaces look bigger, grander and way cooler. They reflect light, add depth, expand horizons, and create a feeling of enchantment.

Here are 7 ideas of tricks with mirrors that you can use in your pad.

Above a mantle

With HD Mirrors, size does matter! The bigger and more oversized you go the better in my book – for one simple reason, your room will look so much more intriguing as a result. Where people go wrong is that they always want to make sure the mirror fits just-so above the mantle. With my style of decorating, ignore all that. You have to create friction and tension (albeit subtly), and the more you do that the more tantalizing your pad. Supersize them I say. It makes every space look and feel more lavish and sophisticated.

At the end of a hallway

They will double the size of the space; just make sure that they are opposite a cool vignette or well-placed window, because you want something fab reflecting something back at you (obviously). Hallway dead-ends are excellent places for mirrors.

As wardrobe panels

Mirrored wardrobe panels expand your bedroom big time, making it two times – no, three times as big! Mirror tricks can make any room appear bigger and brighter.

Mirrored furniture

I’m on the fence with this one. How do you guys feel? I don’t have any mirrored furniture in my place, although it’s super old-school Hollywood and I like the idea. But in practice I’m just not the biggest fan for some reason. Not sure why I’m wary, maybe because there are so many knock-offs and mirrored pieces can end up looking a little cheap, not sure. Decorating is personal, as I keep saying, and if you love mirrored furniture by all means buy it and the heck with what I think!

Mirrored Tiles

Antique mirrored tiles like the ones at Anne Sacks are completely to die for. Cameron Diaz has them in her pad. Inset into a wall, a stunning bathroom feature or as a splashback – heaven. Makes me think of champagne and cocktails, I love!


Mirrors honestly look amazing outside. They reflect candlelight beautifully and you instantly double the amount of plants and greenery. If I had any kind of bare wall left in my garden (which I don’t) I would definitely plop a big mirror on it!

As a cover up

You can take a supersized mirror and then simply prop it up against the wall to hide anything ugly, like a bad view or messy shelving situation. We did this in the house we lived in Stateside, worked a treat. Kind of defuses any problems I find!