Anyone who has ever come to a Design School (and thank you so much to my wonderful class on Saturday by the way!) knows how obsessed I am with lighting. The reason? It adds instant magic. No more so than a chandelier… they add splendour, elegance, grandeur and enchantment. I don’t think they need to only be reserved for formal spaces either. I’ve used chandeliers in every room from the kitchen to the bathroom – that might sound a little grandiose but they totally and utterly transform any scheme. Think of them like an amazing necklace, the icing on the cake as they take any room from just fine to jaw droppingly cool!


Our Hague beaded chandelier is part of our latest own label collection this fall (it’s just landed!) and if I’m allowed to say such things I’m pretty enchanted. I wanted something that felt artisan, full of character and that would work with any scheme – be that contemporary, uptown, boho or traditional. The thing about chandeliers is that they don’t need to dictate the style of the rest of your space – back to the jewellery analogy, I want them to subtly add a bit of ta da bling, not instantly shout look at me if that makes sense. So none of our chandeliers have bright pops of colour or OTT mirrors and crystals. Instead they lend an air of quiet luxury to any space.

My top tip when it comes to chandeliers is to not only plop them in unexpected places, but to hang them lower than you feel you should. That way they’re fully part of the room and connected to the whole scheme, not just an afterthought hanging up above it. Obviously tricky where you have low ceilings, but where there’s a will there’s a way – suspend them over tables, kitchen islands or beds – anywhere where you don’t have to worry about people fitting underneath them. (That’s a big step for me by the way as I’m so not practical… I’ve got a huge neo-baroque chandelier over my bath that you have to remember to duck every time you get in and out.) Always show stealing style first!