I love, love a new season particularly the autumn. The move indoors, the emphasis on making indoors as sumptuous and beautiful as possible. New arrivals landing daily, in HQ we’ve been on this season for what feels like months – infact we are fully ensconced in A/W18 right now. It’s going to be quite a pivotal year next year as we have some major announcements happening in the latter half of next year – but that is a whole other year away.

Lots of exciting things happening right here and now as well of course. Our retail stores are being given a major overhaul as we zoom head first into autumn and without further ado here are 4 amazing ways to create a winning home.

Image: My bedroom with our best-selling Hollywood mirror 


Anything that makes a wall look grand is a winner in my book. From super-sized mirrors to amazing gold cabinets (we have the coolest ones on the planet, which have just landed). Classic, sophisticated they make walls a talking point.


Lighting instantly adds atmosphere to a space. I love all the new lights landing not just in-store but my Debenhams collection also. The flocked lamps have proved the biggest hit and give that beautiful luxe feel for this time of year.

Image: My kitchen – dark and sultry


Layers are a game changer, anyone who has been to my classes knows this. Something I did not so long ago was layer up my kitchen. I brought a shelf from Ikea recently (supposed to go on a desk) so you can elevate pens and lights etc, expect I’ve put mine on my kitchen island and layered up vinegars, oils, bowls, plates, seasoning and it has changed the feel of the kitchen so much. So simple, and so easy.

Image: New botanicals 


I am pretty obsessed with outdoors (probably because I spend so long indoors) and in the colder months I want as much greenery as possible inside. We have the most incredibly selection of faux’s this season from pine trees to beautiful large cacti, ferns, mossy branches. In wintertime I use a lot more foliages, branches tendrils and plants and I pepper them everywhere and anywhere.

Image: our collection of candles


Oh, and one more thing I do is fill my home with the smells of the fall. Cinnamon, apples, pumpkins. On the weekends I’ll fill a pot with water, throw in some cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peel and let it putter away on the stove. Nice right!