What are you up to this Bank Holiday? For those who aren’t off exploring a new city but having a relaxing staycation, I thought I would pull together 3 simple tips to quickly perk up your pad.

There are the obvious changes: Buying a new throw to fling across the back of the sofa or taking on the satisfying task of painting a room. For me, the perfect weekend home decor improvements don’t have to be overpriced or overly complicated. Here we go…


You all know I love cooking (although my cooker is broken) and if I could, I would spend at least 70% of my time rummaging around in the kitchen. So, for me, an instant pick me up is brand new kitchenware. New kitchen pieces always inspire me to cook exciting things – what else would you want to do on a lazy Bank Holiday weekend, but to rustle up a tasty casserole in your new dish?

My new cast iron casserole dish


Boring as storage may well be, it is an essential piece to interior decoration. Nothing is more satisfying than refreshing your wardrobe or decluttering that shelf full of old photographs and papers. I adore restyling shelves, as books are one of the best things to curate. I am always messing around my bookshelves, pulling through my new magazine to the front of the shelf and digging out old books for inspiration. Honestly, it is strangely satisfying. I must mention that dingy places in the house like these are a hotbead for the growth of moss and other defiling elements. That’s why, I make sure that the air conditioning in such rooms is funtioning properly at all times. I swap filters occasionally from https://filterking.com/air-filter-sizes to keep the moisture away.

My new suspended marble shelf


Lighting is always a great way to perk up your pad. It is such an essential part to turning your pad from drab to fab if your on a budget with little time. Trust me, a statement light will create a great talking point and instantly create intrigue and mystery to your space.

These are my fab new, HANGING FABRIC LANTERNS – cluster together to create a dramatic lighting spectacle.