Hi everybody, today I wanted to show you a sneak peek of our new collection. Actually I’ve been busting to show you guys these for ages, but had to keep it under wraps! But now Spring is just round the corner and we’re all so totally immersed in the new season’s collection what with trade shows next week, gearing up for wholesale customers and fresh deliveries arriving every day. So I thought I’d show you what we’re all so excited over.

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First up, let’s take a look at our faux botanicals shall we? I LOVE this collection. We’ve really ramped it up this season. Spring/Summer is always tons of fun to put together. Even though we deal with fauxs, we always follow the seasons and are inspired by quintessentially British blooms and native foliage – from the beautiful blossoms and meadow flowers of early spring to magnificent fatheaded chrysanthemums and trailing lilac that conjures up heady summer days.

concrete dc

The palette is soft but dramatic. We wanted that almost painterly quality, so there are softly pretty hues of blush and lilac deepening to heather purple, chocolate cosmos, bruised plum-coloured peonies and all lifted with the occasional pop of fuchsia. As ever the palette is carefully curated so that any bloom can go with everything else, so it’s pretty effortless to put together an amazing arrangement. All our best-sellers are still there of course, like cream roses and green hydrangea – I call these our “forever flowers” as they go with everything and will always be some of my faves.

concrete cc

We’ve searched hard for rare breed, heirloom and wild varieties along with native foliage and branches. People mostly don’t know what to do with foliage, but they’re absolutely essential to a well balanced look. Throwing in some meadow flowers, trailing greenery or spiked allium adds tons of texture and a naturalistic feel. It’s key to our informal, wild aesthetic. I’ve said it before, but what we’re always trying to achieve is that carefree, romantic “just plucked from the hedgerow freshness”. No stuffy old domed arrangements here, no siree!

concrete fc

Anyway, to cut my rhapsodies short all I can say is we really love this collection, and hope you guys do too. I am always thrilled and amazed when I think how far our faux collection has come. What started out as a bunch of blooms used as a prop in store has blossomed (sorry – no pun intended!) into a thriving global business. We’ve got a unique aesthetic (and lucky enough to have Gem’s amazing eye), and want to do nothing less than build the most beautiful curated selection of botanicals on the planet. We’re being stocked in some of the coolest stores around the world and we’re running workshops on how to arrange with seasonal, foraged, loose and wild faux stems too. The collection will be here in about 4 weeks, but it’s available now for preorder if you want to get in there first… roll on Spring/Summer!