Here’s where many businesses go wrong – one actually in my neighborhood quite recently, which has subsequently closed. When things are going not quite as successfully as you had hoped – say you’ve just opened and you imagined people to be lining up outside and spending zillions – and let’s say that hasn’t quite been a reality – you have to keep the faith. As hard as that sounds you have to stick with it and not constantly try and change everything all the time.

Change course too often, and you’ve lost all and every ounce of credibility you might have had. You can make minor tweaks and adjustments – but you can’t be a wine shop one week and a café the next. We live in quite an impatient society (I’m also super impatient) but I’ve learnt the tough way. Business growth requires time and too many businesses fail simply because they didn’t stay the course and I’ve found its often not the product it’s the presentation that needs help.

Consistency keeps the message strong it makes you relevant and it keeps you credible. It’s tough not to want to change every single thing immediately but you’ll need a good 6 months of data to analyze and ponder over before you make any sharp decisions. If you want growth stay consistent I say!