I’m off the store early to sort out some things for Black Friday. We’ve got lots of discounts online of course but in store there are more one off pieces like a vintage rug and mirrors and other one off finds so its going to be a pretty crazy day. We went live last night with our Black Friday offerings with the team working late processing it all – so I think we are all going to be in for a pretty crazy weekend.

I’ve spoken about Black Friday before on this biz column so today I wanted to focus on things that I believe you should never ever compromise on. Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’ve been round the block a few times, I thought it might be useful to dive into four infallible lessons I’ve learnt along the way. The more info and tips in this crazy, exciting, challenging sector the better right?

Create a whole new category

I know this sounds like an impossible task but look at what we’ve done with faux botanicals, we’ve literally reinvented them. Or look at what Brew Dog did to beer – they crafted a craft beer movement. It’s ballsy, it takes high-octane energy and a huge dollop of self belief when people laugh in your face and tell you you’re mad, or that you can never make “fake flowers” cool. But that’s what Gem and I did, two sisters with one idea – passionate and on a mission!

Get support

I couldn’t do or run this biz without Gem, she is my support system, sounding block, voice of reason and so much more. We’ve shared the journey, she’s pulled me up when I’ve gotten down, we’ve trudged the world together, we’ve consoled each other, figured out strategies together and I honestly could not have done this without her. Having a like-minded buddy majorly helps your biz.

Stick with your vision

You have to stick with your vision even when things get tough. Gem and I are insanely passionate about what we do. Determined, resolute and you’ve got to work like a demon and not ever give up. Don’t have doubts. I mean you will have doubts but try and not let them come anywhere near the decision making process. You can’t be fearful when it comes to making decisions, you will have to make tons of decisions everyday all day. You cannot be indecisive.

Stand for something

Don’t compromise on what matters most to your biz – for us it’s aesthetics. Don’t just ditch what matters, or desperately lower your price to get customers to come to you instead of another retailer is a race to the bottom and hard to reverse. We’ve set about creating a brand that is uniquely recognisable, never compromises on style and stands for something. Along the way we’ve attracted an incredible community of like-minded people that I happen to think is one of the most amazing perks!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.